About Us

Make Me Bio was established out of love for nature and passion for a life that is healthy, eco-friendly and as free of chemicals as possible.

What sets Make Me Bio cosmetics apart from others?


Our cosmetics are fully natural, created on the basis of plant extracts originating from certified and tested ecological plantations, cold-pressed and unrefined oils and vitamins in pure form. Products with the Make Me Bio label owe their high quality to the careful selection and harmonious combinations of natural ingredients.

100 % SAFE

In choosing Make Me Bio products, you may be certain that they are absolutely safe for the skin and for the condition of your entire body. The properties of their ingredients ensure that these products are hypoallergenic and do not cause skin irritations or rashes. This is why they are perfect for sensitive and allergy-prone skin. Moreover, our cosmetics have no side effects - they do not block pores nor cause excessive dryness.


Top class experts - experienced technologists and dermatologists - ensure the effectiveness of our cosmetics' recipes. Laboratory tests performed with the use of professional tools and research methods guarantee that our cosmetics meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. These methods not only warrant high quality, but also make it possible for our cosmetics to cruelty-free.


The combination of expert knowledge and the power of nature result in products ideally matched to our customers' individual needs. Our cosmetics are perfect for everyone - regardless of age, skin type or needs. Our offer includes products for all skin types, all hair types, and even the sensitive and delicate skin of children and babies.


Order and see for yourself how much good nature can do for your health and beauty. Join thousands of satisfied Make Me Bio customers.

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