Hydrolates, also known as herbal distillates or floral waters, moisturise, nourish, cleanse and calm the skin and hair. They may replace tonic as they can sooth dry and tired skins.

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Lavender Water

This transparent liquid with a heavenly fragrance is produced using steam distillation and...

20,00 zł

Cistus Water

Cistus flower water is irreplaceable when it comes to eliminating various skin imperfections. It...

20,00 zł

Orange water

The refreshing fragrance of the orange flower distillate will soothe your senses, make you feel...

22,00 zł

Rose Water

In ancient times, a few drops of rose water would be added to a bath to pamper one’s body and...

16,00 zł

Vanilla water

From now on, you don't have to use the vanilla oil only for cakes. This one, in the form of a...

29,00 zł

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