Lip balms

Did you know that skin on the lips is seven times thinner than the epidermis on other parts of the face?

Its delicate skin is even more susceptible to damage. This is why lip softness, delicacy and moisture require particularle tender care. The natural ingredients of Make Me Bio lips balms will improve the structure of, regenerate and nourish the lips. At the same time, they will offer unmatched protection against dryness and chafing.

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Kiss Me - Lip Balm

Fragrance-free Kiss Me lip balm will make your kisses simply irresistible.

Discover the...

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Soft lips - Lip balm

Luscious lips look good on any woman. Regardless of season, weather and lifestyle, Soft Lips...

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Sweet honey - Lip balm

Lips as soft as honey is more than a traditional adage now. This saying has just become reality...

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